GOLFPAQ Tournamentfor amateur golfer

GOLFPAQ Tournament Details


JGA Rules of Golf govern all play except as modified by the Local Rules

The One Ball Condition does not apply
The player may change the kinds of balls by each hall
Must use conforming clubs and balls by the amateur playing rule of JGA
Allow sufficient time to reach starting tee assignment
The player will be disqualified if he or she will be not at the tee box 5 minutes prior the assigned tee time
All players are responsible for the pace of play
The prospect playing time for the 9 holes is within 2 hours 15 minutes
Play must last no longer than 2 hours 30 minutes, each players in the group to be assessed a 2 stroke penalty on the last hole (9th or 18th hole) by the caddie master office


for men Regular tees
for women Ladies' tees  (Regular tees player +3HC)


Exchange scorecards with the other player in the group.
Attested by a player in the same group required after the game


The first place - a free entry ticket for the next monthly competition
(if the winner is the first time to play in the monthly tournament, he/she will be awarded a ticket for the GOLFPAQ)
he second place and follow - the free entry or the discount ticket for the GOLFPAQ, etc.

GOLFPAQ winners


2018年度 寺井巳恵

2017年度 望月那小也

2016年度 木村貴司

2015年度 工藤 寛

2014年度 大井淳司